Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Pulls Google Glass From Social Media

Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Pulls Google Glass From Social Media

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has shut down several of its social media accounts linked with its Google Glass. Alphabet’s aim was to popularize the eyeglasses to customers by use of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. On Google+ there was a message stating that they had fun hanging with explorers and users can get in touch or submit questions concerning Google Glass on the support page.

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Google Glass, unveiled about four years ago, has not gained as much success as Alphabet hoped for. The move is a sign that Google is trying to move on from the failed Google Glass consumer launch.

Most industry observers have noted that Google Glass was most suited for business and enterprise rather than the consumer space. Reports in September claimed that the company had hired new engineers to work on a new project named ‘Project Aura’ aimed to transforming Google Glass for businesses and organizations.

The new design of the high tech glasses could be useful in factories, warehouses, and hospitals among other places of business.

The closure of Google Glass Social Media pages is a clear sign of the end of the consumer version, for now. The head of Google X research lab had since stated that initial hype over the glasses had been overblown since there was only a prototype at the time rather than the finished product. This seemed to imply that the final product was enterprise-oriented than for individual use.

When Google Glass was first introduced, people greeted it with much excitement. It presented the ability to access email by use of its eyelevel screen and to record videos using a tiny camera. Over time, it ran into problems, and people mocked it due to its shortcomings.