Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Launches Google Fiber in Nashville, Tennessee

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Launches Google Fiber in Nashville, Tennessee

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has finally introduced its super fast internet service Google Fiber in Nashville more than a year after it announced plans to introduce the service to the city.

Alphabet made the announcement that it would launch its gigabit internet service in Nashville in January 2015, but progress has been slow. The service will initially be launched in a few buildings and apartments, but it will later be expanded to other parts of the city. The company has also launched a fiber space where city residents can walk in and test the gigabit speed internet as well as its cable TV offering. The facility will adopt a living room set up where users can either use a TV or their handsets to test drive the services.

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Google is offering various packages for Google Fiber including a package where subscribers can access speeds of 100 Mbps for a monthly fee of $50. Its 1GB service costs $70, and Google also throws in 1TB of Google Drive storage. The company also offers a package where users can access both Gigabit speed internet and Cable TV at $130 per month.

Leanne Kreps is one of the people living in the buildings were the company carried out the launch. She stated that the company did the installations about six months ago, and she has been waiting for the internet services to be launched. Kreps also revealed that those who wish to use the service can acquire a simple kit that is easy to install. After that the users can decide which package to go with. Google claims that its Gigabit service is 100 times faster than the basic internet services most Americans receive.

The service will be a vital component in his startup firm which monitors health care technology. Alphabet’s decision to launch the services in the city could be of benefit to businesses, residential areas and startups. Nashville brings the total number of cities with Google Fiber to nine, but the company is still working on launching in more cities.