Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Accused Of Undertaking Unfair Business Practices By Missouri Attorney General

The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) closed at $1,041.64 gaining 0.04% in yesterday’s trading session. Missouri’s attorney general has always been suspicious of this company and finally he has decided to launch investigations into its business practices.

The search company is on the other hand making preparations to face a new front in its regulatory battles and it will be seeking to file a strong defense to downplay all the accusations leveled against it. The company’s spokesperson in a recent interview said that they had not in any way violated the antitrust laws or the state’s consumer protection.

It was on Monday that Josh Hawley, the Missouri attorney general revealed that he had issued an investigative subpoena in a bid to probe the company’s use of other site’s content, collection of user data, as well as its manipulation of search results to favor its own services.

Mr. Hawley outlined that his probe had been prompted by a record $2.7 billion fine which he was sure the European regulators had levied against the search Giant in June after it was accused of u fairly favoring its search results.

Mr. Hawley opined, “We’re concerned they’re engaged in a similar pattern of behavior in the United States and we are not going to fold our hands and watch them continue with the malpractice. We are entrusted with ensuring that justice prevails and we will be doing exactly that.”

Google isn’t much perturbed by the matter at hand because it has already organized a team of top end lawyers and it remains confident that they will be protecting its interests. An official working with the company while dismissing the claims said that they believed in conducting fair business practices and that was going to be brought out clearly in the defense they will be filing.

He added that business challenges were not new to them and that it wasn’t the first legal battle they were facing. He termed the recent matter a passing cloud that will eventually pass and allow them to continue re-affirming their position in the market.

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