Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Launches iOS Keyboard With Search Feature

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Launches iOS Keyboard With Search Feature

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGl) Google has introduced a new keyboard for iOS called Gboard which has an inbuilt Google search feature.

The company recently launched the iOS keyboard which had been rumored to be in the works earlier this year. The launch of the keyboard has confirmed the rumors about what the firm has been working on. Gboard allows users to harness the power of Google search within the app meaning users do not need to launch a browser when they need to check out a particular item on the web.

The search feature is not the only thing that Google considered when developing the iOS app. The Gboard keyboard is fully equipped with access to GIFs and the ability to type by swiping. It also allows for easy access to most of the regular keyboard functions such as word prediction and emojis. Nevertheless, the integration of Google services is the most impressive feature.

The app offers the ultimate experience of In-app searching

Users looking to take advantage of the feature or even take it for a test drive can do so by tapping on the “G” icon that appears on the left side of the text entry section. Once launched, the user can search for a variety of things including the weather, business listings, restaurants or news. Additionally, the user can tap on the searched information to paste it directly into their search. The app, however, requires location to be turned on when the app is launched during the initial launch of the app.

Rajan Patel, who was the head of the Gboard project, stated that it is often difficult to gain quick access to information on iOS, but the situation will now be different thanks to the new keyboard. It will be a useful feature especially considering how Google displays search results. It will be a time-saving feature because it eliminates numerous steps where the user would first have to go through to reach what is now easily accessible through a single tap on the search feature.