Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Acquires Webpass for Wireless ISP Status

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) subsidiary Google has announced that it has acquired a wireless internet service provider called Webpass and the acquisition gives it a wireless ISP status.

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The acquisition of Webpass was strategically aimed at helping in the deployment of high-speed wireless internet. The company’s aim is to venture deep into both wireless and fiber networks so that it can compete more effectively against telecom and cable companies. Google’s plans to acquire Webpass were first revealed in June and the latest announcement reveals the conclusion of the buyout.

“It’s been impressive to watch Webpass evolve from a boot-strapped startup to an established category leader with tens of thousands of happy customers in five major metros from San Francisco to Boston,” stated Denis Kish, the president of Google Fiber.

The acquisition gives Google access to Webpass infrastructure and customers in five of the major markets in the US. However, the acquisition does not significantly increase Google Fiber’s customer base because Webpass customers were only in the tens of thousands. The main aim is to use the technology from the internet provider to boost gigabit speed delivery and home networks.

“Of course, at Google Fiber we’re particularly excited about Webpass’ application of point-to-point wireless deployment methodology. As we’ve said, our strategy going forward will be a hybrid approach with wireless playing an integral part. Webpass has proven that point-to-point wireless is a reliable way to connect more people to high-speed Internet in a densely populated environment, by setting up wireless transmission links between buildings,” said Google in a blog post.

Google has been expanding its Google Fiber service in more areas and its appealing blend of fast internet speeds and fair pricing has led to significant demand for its services. The company hopes to expand the service to more regions as time goes by.

Alphabet stock closed the latest trading session at $802.79, an improvement of $2.41 or 0.30% compared to the value of the stock in the previous session.

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