Alliance Growers, Pharmagreen Biotech Release Update On CBD Dana Strain

As the cannabis market continues to flourish, things seem to be lining up for some of the leading producers. According to Alliance Growers Corp (OTCMKTS:ALGWF), the passing of the US 2018 Farm Bill by the Congress huge is a plus for the industry.  The bill legalizes the production of hemp, a move that is quickly expanding the US market Cannabidiol and “CBD Dana” hemp tissue culture plantlets.

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CBD Dana contains unique hemp properties with low THC. With its design and optimization, it will offer the highest quality of all female hemp starter plantlets. Estimates from Brightfield Group indicate that CBD has created much interest within the U.S. market.

The development of a Cannabis Biotech Complex

Alliance Growers Corp has joined hands with Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. (OTCMKTS: PHBI) to develop a 62,000-square foot facility.  The proposed Cannabis Biotech Complex, which is in the construction phase has a completion schedule slated for Q1 of 2020. Word has it that it will primarily deal with the production of cannabis tissue culture starter plantlets.

The two companies have expressed confidence in their joined project. Pharmagreen CEO, Peter Wojcik says that with the expected passage of the 2018 Farm Bill into law, the facility will play a significant role. It will facilitate continued research of “CBD Dana” strain, which is at the hands of Botanical Research In Motion Inc.

On the other hand, Dennis Petke, President and CEO of Alliance Growers consider their partnership as a way of advancing new business. Petke confirms, “We consider the opportunity to participate in the development and distribution of the CBD Dana strain as a significant component to the Alliance revenue model.”

The need to supply growers with high-quality tissue cultured plantlets

Wojcik acknowledges the need to offer growers beneficial services, which will help them maximize on each of their crops. Speaking about the growth of the cannabis market he says that the company’s vision is to premiere in the cannabis production sector and also build on  shareholder value.

Meanwhile, the FDA has continued to emphasize that CBD consumer products are to be derived only from hemp plants.  This is an added advantage to the ‘CBD Dana’ strain.

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