Advanced Micro (NASDAQ:AMD) Opens Up PC Graphics Chips Development with Launch Of GPUOpen

Advanced Micro (NASDAQ:AMD) Opens Up PC Graphics Chips Development with Launch Of GPUOpen

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) has launched a new website aimed at promoting GPUOpen, an open-sourced graphics processing unit. The launch of the site means that AMD believes coders can give them a hand in boosting their graphics performance. This new site is intended to assist graphics developers with open source codes, documentation kept outside the gaming console, effects, and tools. If the project is successful, we will see games with better graphics running on current hardware.

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Advanced Micro has promised to accommodate more platforms as GPUOpen meets its potential. According to some, though the move might seem purely generous, AMD is actually trying to compete with NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). NVIDIA rules the dedicated video market while Intel gives it a lead in integrated graphics. In a sense, this move by Advanced Micro is an attempt to make their graphics chip more attractive to developers, giving them a better chance in this competitive market.

GPUOpen is divided into two categories, one for professional compute and another for CGI and games. The CGI and gaming side of the site will include Geometry FX, AO-FX, Tress FX and Shadow FX. These are libraries that are DirectX based open source assets to be used by developers. Liquid VR has also been included in the library.

Professional compute will include HIP (heterogeneous computer interface for probability) which is a new comparatively new tool that converts CUDA code to Common C++. There is also GCN 3 ISA, which has extensive documentation making it easier for developers.