Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ:ACXM) LiveRamp strikes partnership with DigitasLBi

LiveRamp, an Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ:ACXM) company declared an alliance with DigitasLBi, a worldwide marketing and technology firm to promote intelligent media planning strategies, utilizing connected data.

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President and GM of LiveRamp, Travis May said DigitasLBi’s data-focused approach to the planning of marketing campaigns grants marketers a considerable competitive edge.

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DigitasLBi will harness LiveRamp’s data connectivity offerings to connect data from several first as well as third-party data repositories within DigitasLBi’s IDIOM platform. The latter is an insight product to produce superior media decisions as well as more intelligent creative strategy as well as content.

With superior access to data in the planning phase DigitasLBi customers can place more intelligent bets and built relevant content that’s popular with consumers.

Via the partnership Liveramp’s data connectivity offerings are utilized to anonymize and connect data from a wide range of data suppliers such as ShareThis, Research Now, COMSCORE, Inc.(NASDAQ:SCOR), and Acxiom.

DigitasLBi customers can also utilize LiveRamp to anonymize and connect their offline first-party CRM as well as sales data for analysis. Connected data is given to DigitasLBi’s IDIOM platform, letting data scientists profit from a comprehensive, privacy safe data group for comprehending customer journeys that span several devices as well as channels.

Global chief data scientist for DigitasLBi, Jason Kodish said that LiveRamp supplies the connectivity required to consolidate location, demographic, TV viewership, digital exposure, CRM and transaction data at the individual level into a safe environment for analysis. With this degree of insight, the clients can be helped to supply very valuable experiences to additional consumers in the market for their goods.

Earlier LiveRamp declared it has recruited Jeff Smith as Chief Marketing Officer, thereby bolstering its executive group. Smith will quicken LiveRamp’s growth by expanding the Industry’s comprehension of the strategic significance of data connectivity and its ability to deliver better customer experiences across channels and devices.

Smith will report directly to Travis May. May said Jeff has crucial skills that the organization requires to scale given tremendous market growth. The company has tripled its revenue to over $100 million dollars over the last one and half years.

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