Abaxis Inc (NASDAQ:ABAX) Partners With AAHA In Preventive Care Program

Abaxis Inc (NASDAQ:ABAX) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) have come together to promote preventive care. The collaboration is primarily built around increasing compliance in blood diagnostic testing. The initiative will run for about a year and the target will be veterinary professionals.

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According to Abaxis, preventive medicine is becoming increasingly important in veterinary clinics. As such, it is important to improve the understanding of veterinary specialists regarding the benefits of diagnostic testing and that’s what they are trying to do through the joint campaign with AAHA.

Educating practitioners

As Abaxis and AAHA get together for the year-long preventive care testing campaign, they will be educating practitioners on preventive medicine. The educational aspect of the campaign will focus on imparting skills about implementation of preventive medical care.

At the end of the day, Abaxis and AAHA hope that their efforts will provide veterinarians with the resources they need to keep pets and communities healthier. In particular, AAHA is partnering with Abaxis’s division called Abaxis Veterinary Consulting Group (AVC) to drive the campaign.

Campaign programs

As part of the preventive care program, Abaxis and AAHA will provide practitioners with booklets that will be available through Trends Magazine and also through AAHA’s website.

There will also be web conferences as well as a certificate course on preventive care testing. Additionally, Abaxis and AAHA will hold workshops in various U.S. and Canadian cities targeting practitioners.

Expected outcome

After going through the preventive care program, Abaxis and AAHA hope that they will have increased blood work compliance among veterinarians. Additionally, they believe that the veterinarians will be in a better position to provide clients with the best treatment options.

Strong quarterly results

Abaxis shares jumped after it recently reported strong quarterly financial results. Impressive sales of the VetScan Rapid Test were credited for the impressive F4Q2016 results.

Abaxis’ veterinary business contributed 81.5% of its revenue in the latest quarter. The company posted beating bottom-line results and in-line top-line revenues.

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