1933 Industries Begins Moving Plants to New Cannabis House in Las Vegas

1933 Industries (CSE: TGIF) (OTCQX: TGIFF) has announced that it has commenced the transfer of cannabis plants to its new cultivation facility in Las Vegas.

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The plants are being moved to the Las Vegas cultivation facility following an extensive period of systems-wide testing.

“The new facility allows the Company to cultivate five times the amount of cannabis flower that was previously produced to meet the high demand for its branded flower and concentrate products under the Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) line, which are sold in licensed dispensaries in Nevada,” stated Tim Spencer, director of cultivation.

The increased flower production at the new facility will help the company meet growing demand for cannabis products and will have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.

New Cannabis Plants House

OG DNA Genetics, which is focused on the research and development of cannabis genetics, will join 1933 Industries in the facility. DNA will provide specific expertise to AMA for the development of a consistent phenotype strain for a new line of co-branded flower and pre-rolls.

“We have constructed a one-of-a-kind, purpose-built facility, integrated with the latest technology to increase yields, bolster plant health and assure the consistency and quality of our products”, CEO Chris Rebentisch stated.

To ensure that the plants are receiving exact amounts of nutrients and moisture content, the facility was outfitted with drip automation to standardize cultivation techniques and implement efficient watering and feeding systems with waste reduction in mind.

Once the cannabis plants are situated in the new site, they will vegetate for approximately four weeks before the flower cycle is begun for another eight weeks.

The next steps include harvesting, drying, packaging and third-party testing. The entire cycle takes approximately 16 weeks.

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