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Sony is said to be building the PlayStation 5, a successor to the PlayStation 4, to lead the console market.

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According to the reports, the PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than the Xbox Project Scorpio that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is set to release in late 2017.

Microsoft touted the Scorpio as its most powerful console. It will feature six teraflops of processing power and will play 4K games and videos. Aaron Greenberg, the boss of Xbox marketing, has said that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be the last console generation.

Macquarie Research analyst Damian Thong said that the PlayStation 5 will be powerful than the Scorpio with more than 10 teraflops of power. Thong, who made correct predictions about the PlayStation 4 slim and Pro, believes that Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2018.

Some reports are claiming that Sony will release the console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June this year.

The Japanese electronics giant remains silent about the PlayStation 5. We expect that the company will reveal some details about the console E3 in June.

Here are the latest rumors and speculation about the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Rumors

Rumors suggest that Sony will release two models of the PlayStation 5. Like the Xbox Scorpio, the new version of the PlayStation is rumored to play 4K games and videos.

The PlayStation 5 is said to come with a support for a virtual reality headset. Reports suggest that the console will be shipped along with the virtual reality headset.

According to Macquarie’s analyst Thong, the PlayStation 5 will have 10+ teraflop of graphics processing unit, versus 6 teraflops in the Scorpio.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to be offered at $500. Microsoft is also expected to sell the Xbox Project Scorpio at around $500.

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