, inc. (NYSE:CRM) Launches Einstein Analytics, Discovery For Businesses, inc. (NYSE:CRM) has announced the launch of Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery with the aim of bring artificial intelligence to business users.

The company launched the two features thanks to its recent acquisition of BeyondCore. Einstein Analytics is a product that embeds predictive tools into its service, sales, and marketing tools while Einstein Discovery is a suite that offers actionable data as well as stories. Salesforce launched the two services on Thursday and announced that they will take advantage of artificial intelligence so that they can offer customers more from the analytics capabilities that are already available to on the company’s CRM platform.

“We have more customer data than ever before and we need AI to turn data into something actionable for the business user. The business user wants to understand why something happened and an explanation with storytelling,” stated Arijit Sengupta, the head of Einstein Discovery.

Salesforce determined to offer more to customers

Sengupta revealed that the tools are designed to bring AI to business executives while at the same time offering the underlying data models to data scientists whenever need arises. The executive also pointed out that Einstein Discovery is like an updated version of what BeyondCore wanted to do from the very beginning. The idea behind both products is that it will help provide customers with more effective results without requiring them to write an algorithm for the same task.

Salesforce Analytics general manager Ketan Karkhanis revealed that Einstein Analytics will allow every CRM user to see what happened in their businesses as well as the solutions they can implement without requiring any input from data science experts. Some of the apps from the two features that were launched play specific roles in different areas such as marketing, sales and customer service as noted in the release. The apps are designed to measure some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that have specific roles and this will allow users to carry out their job with more effectiveness.

Salesforce stock closed the latest trading session on Thursday at $86.27 after tanking by 1.03 percent compared to the value of the stock during the previous close.

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