Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM) Files An 8-K Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders


Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM) Files An 8-K Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders


On April20, 2017, Newmont Mining Corporation, a Delaware
Corporation (Newmont or the Company) held its 2017 Annual Meeting
of Stockholders. The following matters were voted upon at the
Annual Meeting: (1)the election of Directors; (2)the ratification
of the appointment of Ernst Young LLP as the Companys independent
registered public accounting firm for 2017; (3)the advisory vote
on the compensation of the Named Executive Officers; (4)the
advisory vote on the frequency of stockholder vote on executive
compensation; and (5)a stockholder proposal regarding human
rights risk assessment.

All matters voted on at the Annual Meeting were approved, except
Proposal # 5. The voting results were as follows:

Proposal #1Election of Directors


Votes For % of votes cast Withheld Votes % of votes cast Abstentions Broker Non- Votes

Gregory H. Boyce

380,957,419 99.73 1,015,486 0.27 4,076,774 39,452,968

Bruce R. Brook

381,974,116 99.54 1,763,124 0.46 2,312,439 39,452,968

J. Kofi Bucknor

382,502,267 99.52 1,834,454 0.48 1,712,958 39,452,968

Vincent. A. Calarco

374,758,373 99.38 2,332,378 0.62 8,958,928 39,452,968

Joseph A. Carrabba

368,999,564 98.54 5,449,001 1.46 11,601,114 39,452,968

Noreen Doyle

376,634,457 99.49 1,937,741 0.51 7,477,481 39,452,968

Gary J. Goldberg

381,729,570 99.52 1,823,350 0.48 2,496,759 39,452,968

Veronica M. Hagen

374,850,605 99.30 2,659,114 0.70 8,539,960 39,452,968

Jane Nelson

381,472,053 99.71 1,124,089 0.29 3,453,537 39,452,968

Julio M. Quintana

381,919,776 99.77 875,725 0.23 3,254,178 39,452,968

Proposal #2Ratification of Independent Registered Public
Accounting Firm

% of votes cast

Votes For

422,333,628 99.26

Votes Against

2,493,301 0.59


675,718 0.15


Proposal #3 Advisory Vote on the Compensation of the
Named Executive Officers

% of votes cast

Votes For

258,915,147 67.07

Votes Against

126,303,100 32.72


829,432 0.21

Broker Non-Votes


Proposal #4 Advisory Vote on the Frequency of Stockholder
Vote on Executive Compensation

% of votes cast

1 Year

318,803,738 82.58

2 Years

662,209 0.17

3 Years

66,157,573 17.14


426,159 0.11

Broker Non-Votes


In accordance with the voting results concerning this proposal,
the Companys Board of Directors determined that the Company will
hold an annual advisory vote on executive compensation.

Proposal #5 was not approved. The voting results were as follows:

Proposal #5 Stockholder Proposal Regarding a Human Rights
Risk Assessment

% of votes cast

Votes For

107,934,747 27.96

Votes Against

263,048,523 68.14


15,064,409 3.90

Broker Non-Votes



About Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM)

Newmont Mining Corporation is a global mining company, which is focused on the production of and exploration for gold and copper. The Company is primarily a gold producer with operations and/or assets in the United States, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana and Suriname. Its segments are North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Africa. It has gold reserves of over 73.7 million ounces and an aggregate land position of over 20,000 square miles. It is also engaged in the production of copper, through Batu Hijau in Indonesia, Boddington in Australia and Phoenix in the United States. The North America segment consists of Carlin, Phoenix and Twin Creeks in the state of Nevada, and Cripple Creek &Victor in the state of Colorado, in the United States. The South America segment consists of Yanacocha in Peru. The Asia Pacific segment consists of Boddington, Tanami and Kalgoorlie in Australia and Batu Hijau in Indonesia. The Africa segment consists primarily of Ahafo and Akyem in Ghana.

Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM) Recent Trading Information

Newmont Mining Corporation (NYSE:NEM) closed its last trading session up +0.46 at 34.13 with 7,029,657 shares trading hands.

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