Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Says Connected Vehicle Platform A Service For Others To Utilize


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is not planning to build a connected car of its own. Instead, it will avail a new cloud-based platform dubbed “Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform,” which will be a service for others to utilize. The platform consists of a suite of services built on Azure technologies that are expected to allow carmakers to seamlessly integrate vehicles with the digital lives of their customers.

The experiences will be within many of Microsoft’s latest innovations given that the set of technologies will work together in enabling new intelligent services. For example, through the use of Microsoft’s virtual assistant technology, Cortana, the system can schedule an appointment with a service center. This will, however, need the availability of both the driver and the center’s automotive technicians.

Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform is said to bring latest in-car technologies

Every automaker is seeking to offer innovative experiences to its loyal customers and in this regard, Microsoft’s service comes in handy. It is projected that apart from being agile, it will also be significant for five key areas. These are advanced navigation, in-car productivity, customer insights, predictive maintenance, and advanced autonomous driving capabilities. Users will be able to interact with some of the latest in-car technologies the likes of Office 365, Bing, Maps, and Skype for business among others.

In complimenting the platform, executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft Peggy Johnson says, “This is not an in-car operating system or a ‘finished product.’ It’s a living, agile platform that starts with the cloud as the foundation and aims to address five core scenarios that our partners have told us are key priorities.”

Microsoft has partnered with Renault-Nissan and BMW

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform will be incorporated into the Nissan’s upcoming connected cars and would be helpful in advanced navigation and remote monitoring capabilities. At the same time, the suite will enable the standardization of Renault-Nissan’s Alliance on a single cloud platform for cars and devices running on multiple operating systems.

As this unfolds there are rumors that Volvo will also be incorporating Skype for Business to its 90 Series vehicles to give its drivers access to the app’s calendar tools. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s stock closed at $62.64 which is a decline of $0.20 or 0.32%

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