Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Off The Hook Of Canada’s Competition Bureau


Canada’s Competition Bureau has halted its 24-month probe of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).  The watchdog failed to present sufficient evidence showcasing how the tech firm had taken part in anti-competitive actions. The country’s Competition Bureau was looking into claims of anti-competitive deals struck in the Country, an investigation that has been going on since December 2014. The iEmpire can now breathe easy, at least in Canada.

Confirming an end to the investigations in Canada, the antitrust watchdog said, “The Bureau did not find evidence to suggest that the Apple terms resulted in a significant effect on competition.”

But Apple’s woes are far from over

Apple shouldn’t celebrate too broadly yet because the lack of sufficient evidence for its actions applies only in Canada. The Silicon Valley company is facing similar allegations in France and South Korea, which are yet to be settled. The Canadian Competition Bureau is yet to determine whether or not Apple used anti-competitive clauses in its contracts in an effort to strong arm industry participants into selling fewer of its rival companies’ devices.

As it is now France is demanding a total sum of $55.3 million from the carrier deal as a result of its alleged clauses. French regulators claim that the iPhone maker is forcing carriers to either pay for ads or order a minimal number of iPhones. It remains to be seen how well the regulators will prove their case.

Having not been able to give justification for their accusations against Apple, the Canadian government seems less than bothered about losing the case.  State actors claim that the effects on the market by the alleged practices are relatively minimal considering that the Android phones’ market is considerably big. Regulators explained that there is plenty of competition, hence Apples alleged moves are not that serious even if they could be proven.

Apple’s stock was trading at $118.99 yesterday, an increase of $1.08 or 0.92%.

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