XAYA Seeks To Revolutionize How We Play Video Games Through Blockchain

The next generation of video gaming is here and one company is trying to lead the revolution. XAYA has introduced a blockchain-backed gaming platform, which consists of serverless systems that are resistant to censorship. This gaming platform turns the gaming world into Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAU’s), which gives players control over their experiences.

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The idea for the blockchain-backed gaming platform is straightforward. Games between two people unfold in a similar payment channel like that of Bitcoin. These structures prevent cheating, save space and keep transaction fee low. Another benefit of a blockchain-based gaming platform includes the inability of the developers to confiscate game properties. This accords true ownership to gamers only. Additionally, gamers can earn on the platform through a system where tokens are received by the pro gamers.

The platform also offers a wide variety of technological innovations such as:

  • Human mining-A method of coin distribution based on skill, human labor and intelligence; and
  • Multi-algorithm currency- A technological feature that ensures fair distribution and security.

The DAU solution ensures a fast and cost-efficient game marketing system, unlimited censorship-free games and failure-free operation

About XAYA and why it stands out

XAYA, previously known as Chimaera, assembled a team of leading professionals in 2013 to carry out a blockchain-gaming experiment. The team was successful in creating a blockchain-supported game where millions of players can interact. Some notable game genres that XAXA has introduced to its platform include human mining, which rewards players based on their success during their online activities.

XAYA cofounder and CTO Daniel Kraft gives details on why the platform stands out. “When games are created using Ethereum smart contracts, everyone on the network who is not actually interested in that particular game, has to run the code and validate every transaction and move in the game. This is a big problem, especially if game logic gets complicated.”

XAYA needs help from developers

XAXA is banking on developers’ adoption of its gaming platform. The company is ready to see activities from developers both new and experienced. Its platform has a simple interface and can be coded in any language.

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