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What The Future Holds For Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE:MSI)

Motorola Solutions Inc (NYSE:MSI) believes that its revenue can grow by 3% over the next five years if it wins new contracts and grows its recurring revenue from Airwaves solutions and other existing contracts.

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Despite the positive outlook, the company’s EBITDA may yet decrease slightly because of a rapid rise in the costs of product and services. The rising costs are the result of more investment in product innovation thus driving up research and development expenses together with pricing pressure from competitors.

There has also been a rising controversy over the Motorola plant in Harvard which the company closed. Investors seemed to have had some hope for the plant’s future and for that reason the company kept the campus well maintained. Unfortunately, care seems to have ceased over the past few months, and the value of the structure has plummeted.

Many believe that Harvard may take ownership of the plant. They believe that it would be a good move that would see the campus restored from it’s currently run down state. If the plant is in the right hands, they can team up with the Economic Development Commission and a team of advocates to adopt a marketing strategy for the plant.

In other Motorola news, the company’s senior director of global communications William Moss has resigned in search of greener pastures. Moss has been offered a senior position at Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC). He has been working at Motorola for the past six years where he started as the head of the company’s Asia-Pacific communications division. He, however, left Asia in 2013 and went to work at the company’s offices in California.

Moss will report to Intel’s director of corporate relations, Laura Anderson. His shift to Intel comes shortly after the appointment of Terry Anderson as vice president and general manager of global communications at Intel.

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