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Waymo ‘Taxibots’ To Be Part Of Futuristic Urban Vision For Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

The stock of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) closed at $992.18 gaining 0.02% in yesterday’s trading session. This company’s urban planning initiative has launched an enormous waterfront redevelopment project in Toronto. The project also pulls along with a vision for a 21st transportation system and Alphabet unit Waymo will most probably be the one supplying the on-demand autonomous vehicles.

On Tuesday, Sidewalk Labs declared that it had already set aside about $50 million to fund the project of establishing a “mixed-use, complete community on Toronto’s Eastern Waterfront.”

Sidewalk will be looking critically at the various partnerships, including with Waymo, which happens to be its sibling company. The goal will be to put under test the different types of the self-driving vehicles on the Eastern Waterfront.

If all moves according to plan, it may soon be successful in coming up with small robotic vans, each with between six to 12 seats. It is still unclear as to when the service will be started. Journalists reached out to a spokesman for Waymo seeking more clarification regarding the matter. He declined to make any comment.

Sidewalk Labs is ready to start working on the project and its decision to include its sister company has been applauded by most of the interested parties. The move by Waymo to undertake the revenue-generating business is seen by a large number of analysts and business experts as a great move.

One of the officials working with the company has disclosed that they might soon succeed in their quest to convert the driverless minivan pilot program in suburban Phoenix into an on-demand commercial ride service. That will help a huge deal in facilitating the movement of customers.

Waymo’s designed app has been an important tool for the riders in Phoenix since it helps them to easily summon the Waymo vans. It involves hitting a button in the app once on board and the ride eventually takes off. Stopping the ride involves making another tap.
The spokesperson opined, “Sidewalk will pilot an internal robot delivery system via its utility channels.”

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