Ubank Mobile App And LG Agree On A Pre-Installation Deal

LG and Ubank have come to an agreement. New LG’s mobile phones will in the future come with Ubank’s mobile payment app already pre-installed. Initially, the project will kick off in the South Korean market which is where the LG electronics firm is located. Later they will expand the project to other markets slowly.

Samsung already sells smartphones that have the Ubank application inbuilt in about 10 different countries. Fly is also another smartphone manufacturer whose phones come inbuilt with the Ubank mobile payment app.

Ubcoin market

In addition to being capable of making payments, the pre-installed app on LG smartphones will also have the Ubcoin market. It is a blockchain technology system that resembles the one by eBay. It will allow users to buy goods using digital coins.

Eastern Europe’s leading mobile payment app, Ubank, reported that it had officially signed an agreement with the South Korean electronics giant LG. This will ensure that LG smartphone owners will be in a position to transfer money to others or make payments for services without having to download the app. The first consignment of the new mobile devices is expected to be released from September this year.

LG’s marketing manager, Anastacia Solovyova stated that they were excited to become partners with such a successful project led by a talented and experienced team as Ubank. She said that the company was sure that their users would be excited, too, be it those who merely want to have a convenient mobile tool for checking the balance on all their cards or those quickly conducting any of their day to day financial transactions. She said that even those who want to be on the cutting edge and enter the world of cryptocurrencies will also be excited.


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