Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) Passes 9 Million Mark For Hybrid Vehicles Sold

Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) has revealed that its total sales for hybrid units were 9.014 million as of April 30.

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The announcement marks a new milestone for the company, and the extra one million units were achieved within nine months. The impressive hybrid sales highlight the company’s determination and will to provide solutions that help to manage the pollution effects of automobiles on the environment. The company believes that eco-friendly automobiles could have a significant effect on the environment if they experience more adoption on a global scale. More auto manufacturers are also getting on board with the idea while the markets have also increased their affinity for hybrid cars.

Toyota increased the number of its hybrid models that it sells across the globe to 33 models and a plug-in vehicle (PHV). The company sells these models in 90 countries. The company’s chief representative of the Middle East & North Africa segment Takayuki Yoshitsugu stated that the rising sales for hybrid automobiles reflect the growing appeal for the hybrid cars. It is also fueled by the company’s efforts in creating better vehicles.

Yoshitsugu also expressed gratitude to the company’s customers for the support that they have offered so far. During the Toyota Environmental Challenge that was held in October 2015, the firm announced that it was setting goals so that it can help to lower the negative impact of automobiles on the environment. One of the strategies that the company plans to use to achieve the goals includes enhancing its hybrid lineup to boost hybrid sales. The automaker plans to sell 15 million units annually by 2020.

The Toyota Prius is one of the company’s most successful and established hybrids. The hybrid Toyota RAV 4 is one of the latest entries into the hybrid segment, which also highlights the company’s introduction of the technology to its SUV offering.

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