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SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) Offers Record-Breaking SunPower Helix, a First in Solar Energy Market

SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) disclosed on Monday that the SunPower Helix Roof ST can be installed nearly thrice as fast as other commercial rooftop solar power technologies available in the market today. The first fully-integrated rooftop solar power system has been installed at a rate of over 33 panels per hour, as tested and proven by global independent energy expert and certification body DNV GL. Other commercial rooftop solar power solutions have a maximum installation speed from 12 to 13 panels per hour.

Speedy Installation Process

DNV GL conducted the Mounting System Installation Efficiency Test last December on a 21.60-kW rooftop system that had 66 SunPower panels. Three installers, who have not yet installed the SunPower Helix Roof ST prior to the testing, performed the process.

Howard Wenger, SunPower President of Business Units, believe that the latest offering of the company is a product of innovation that shall benefit households efficiently with a world-record installation speed. For large businesses, on the other hand, the world-record installation process also means reduced disruptions in operations, sustainability, and cost-efficiency.

Plug-and-Play Feature

Aside from a world-record installation speed, the SunPower Helix Roof ST also comes with another first: the plug-and-play power station, which is the only one of its kind in the US commercial market. The technology eliminates the need for land wires, resulting to the product requiring 67% less field connections compared to current rooftop solar power solutions available in the market.

Wenger believes that with a simplified design and efficiency, the new SunPower Helix Roof ST allows all of its users to enjoy and maximize a sustainable energy use at a reasonable cost.

According to data from Solar Energy Industries Association, 60% of corporate solar energy customers in the US use the products of SunPower.

Additional Key Features

The SunPower Helix Roof ST is resistant to cell breakage and corrosion, making it durable enough to last for many years. Furthermore, it comes with flexible anchor and ballast options that maximize the roof space.

The cable trays and cones, which are made from 92% recycled rubber, protect the cables from abrasive roof surfaces.

With the EnergyLink software, users can also identify and quantify all savings opportunities, resulting into cost-efficient energy use without compromising the quality of the service yielded.

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