NutriSystem Inc. (NASDAQ:NTRI) CEO Shrugs Off Competition Threat As Site Traffic Soars


NutriSystem Inc.(NASDAQ:NTRI) CEO, Dawn Zier, is predicting an impressive year for the stock on increased traffic to the company’s site as people continue to look for ways to stay healthy. The provider of weight management products is at the center of attention early in the year, as people continue to reaffirm their commitments to improving their way of life.

Increased Customer Traffic

Increased traffic to the company’s site is a testament that NutriSystem’s products are eliciting strong demand in the market. Building strong relationships with existing and new customers according to the CEO is a core objective as part of an effort that seeks to shrug off competition from other players in the sector.

“Therefore, we look at the prior customers and we reach back out to them, we have invested a lot in content on our sites, so really having an engaging experience. In addition, the app that we developed keeps customers tuned in. So we’re doing a really good job at bringing back former customers and really focusing on the long tail,” said Mr. Zier.

Last year was an impressive year for NutriSystem having registered an increase in the number of customers and customer reactivation growth. The same was helped by a promise of lofty health goals to customers. Clinical tests that support the claims of the company’s diets are also helping affirm the company’s ability in helping people achieve their goals when it comes to health improvement.

One of the products includes shakes that help people fight belly fat as well as snack bars that customers are using to curb cravings.

Competition Factor

However, 2017 promises to come with a fair share of challenges, as the likes of Weight Watchers ramp up their efforts in attracting customers. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is another company that stands in the way of NutriSystem achieving its goals having unveiled a health app that is already sending shockwaves on iOS. Fitbit Inc. (NYSE:FIT) also boasts of a number of products for the health improvement market that should pose significant competition as the race for customers heats up.

NutriSystem stock was up by 1.30% in Tuesday trading session closing the day at highs of $35.10 a share.

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