Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Introduces No Password Sign In


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has developed a new way of signing in without necessarily having a password.

Tapping approval instead of password

Building technology that is not only easy to use but also secure is a challenging proposition. Microsoft is trying to embrace a no-passwords technique for its customers to sign into their Microsoft accounts using smart phones. A link provided at the bottom of the confirmation pages enables the user to choose a password when their phones are accessible.

The company explained in a blog on Tuesday that the clients need to have their smartphones on either iOS of the Android versions of the Microsoft Authentication App. The customers will enter their user names as usual but instead of keying a password, a notification will be sent to their phones. The phone will be unlocked once the user taps on the “Approve” notification.

Comments from company representative

The director of Microsoft Identity Division program management, Alex Simon, stated, “The goal is to ‘shift the security burden’ from the user’s often overtaxed memory to his or her device.” He adds that the process is easier compared to the standard two step verification. It is also significantly more secure compared to having just a password which can be forgotten, compromised or even phished.

He also stated that using a phone to sign in with either a PIN or fingerprints, provides a seamless way to include two account verifications.

Main targets for the new development

Putting into consideration the dependency of people on their phones, this development makes sense for the company. It will translate to Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) users as well as Android gadgets having a reason to download the Microsoft App on their phones.

Simon confirmed that Windows Phones do not have analogous features. Android devices and iOS were the main targets for the new development. This is despite the availability of a Windows Phone version of Microsoft Authenticator.

Windows Phones are not very popular in the market. But when the Windows Phone succeeds in the market, the situation may change.

Microsoft stock closed at $65.04 on Wednesday after a fall $0.35 or 0.54%.

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