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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Continues To Bet Big on Bots with New Skype Features

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is updating its bot platforms with the addition of new features as it continues to bet big on the fast emerging sector. The drive has so far attracted 30,000 developers as it becomes clear bots could replace apps in the near future.

 Skype Bot Updates

Launched at the Build developer conference, Skype Bot Platform will now include support for groups and cards. What this means is that bots can take part and respond to group discussions. Skype Bots will also work with visual image, receipt cards as well as the carousel.

Thanks to the latest update, users will now be able to sign in for third party services, complete transactions, and bookings without leaving Skype. Users can also connect and communicate with businesses without having to log in several times. In a blog post, the company has also confirmed that Skype Bots will provide user’s receipts for items purchased.

Natural language abilities on the platform have also received an upgrade using Microsoft’s Bing Framework.  In addition to natural language updates, Microsoft has also updated its Bot Framework platform to include Skype calling support as well as Slack Button among other Facebook bot features. Developers can now publish their bots to Skype or submit them for promotion.

Bots to Replace Apps?

The aggressive push on the development and usage of bots all but indicates a paradigm shift in the mobile tech space.  Given that Microsoft has not been successful on the hardware front, it is betting big on bot’s usage, which it believes could have the same impact as apps going forward.

The development further affirms that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was not just speculating about bots’ potential at the Build conference. Bots are increasingly playing an integral part in the company’s products.

The launch of a successful bot in China dubbed Xiaoice has provided a glimpse of how Microsoft is serious about taking the usage of software to a new level.  It may be only a matter time before it becomes clear whether bots have what is required to replace apps, but as it stands, the future is bright.

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