Isodiol Rolls Out Cannabis Vending Machine in Selected Powerhouse Gym Locations

Isodiol Rolls Out Cannabis Vending Machine in Selected Powerhouse Gym Locations

Isodiol International Inc (OTCMKTS:ISOLF) is launching its first CBD vending machines across selected Powerhouse Gym locations in the U.S. The launch is part of the company’s vending machine initiative aimed at increasing convenience of accessing the company’s product.

Isodiol/Powerhouse Partnership

Isodiol is leveraging on its partnership with Powerhouse Gym announced in September last year. Through the partnership, Isodiol became Powerhouse’s preferred supplier of CBD performance products- particularly the Iso-Sport™ products. Isodial can now access Powerhouse’s 1.2 million customers spread across the company’s 300 locations across the United States and 20 other countries globally.

“We believe our Iso-Sport™ products are specially tailored to the needs of Powerhouse members who seek high-quality CBD performance products to enhance workouts and results,” Marcos Agramont, Isodiol CEO remarked. Agramont expressed optimism in the vending machines program saying that it is a step forward towards penetrating the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space as well as a great retail opportunity. The CEO also hinted on potential future expansion plans to further expand the products’ market presence.

Powerhouse founder, Will Dabish is excited about the program and sees it as a great opportunity to enhance the company’s customers’ shopping experience. He says that the vending machines will increase the convenience of accessing CBD performance products. He went ahead to relate a personal experience where he is expected to undergo a shoulder and hip replacement later this year and he is counting on Isodial CBD-based performance products to help him bounce back to training as soon as possible. Plans are underway to avail the Iso-Sport™ products across the vending machines in the 20 locations by mid-April.

Further Expansion deals

The vending machines initiative is one among several of Isodiol’s expansion plans. In March, the company negotiated a deal with Europe’s Holland & Barrett International to have its RapidCBD™ and sports-focused Iso-Sport™ brands sold across the retailer’s 800 retail outlets across the UK and Ireland. This is a big deal for Isodiol given that Holland & Barrett operates over 1,300 stores in Europe and boosts 10 million members in its customer loyalty program. Also, in February the company secured a partnership with the Asian American Trade Associations council (AATAC) to have its products sold across the company’s 1,250 outlets in the U.S.