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International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Teams Up With Tom Watson Over Stats For Golf Masters

The Augusta National Golf Club will now feature the powerful artificial intelligence from International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) thanks to a partnership between the company and Tom Watson.

Watson has won the Masters twice in the past and this year’s tournament will be his last appearance in the prestigious tournament. Watson’s partnership with IBM will showcase IBM Watson (no relation) and its artificial intelligence. Despite the partnership with Tom Watson, IBM has been present in the golf tournament before, and it has often showcased some of its technology at the event. This is partly because IBM CEO Ginni Rometty also has a membership status at the club.

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The Augusta National Golf Club is very strict about adverts during the TV broadcasts of the Golf tournaments, and it only allows commercials to run for four minutes for every hour. Securing ad space during the tournaments is, therefore, difficult as well as pricey. IBM being an affiliate has an advantage over such matters.

The partnership between Mr. Watson and IBM Watson will pave the way for new ads during the tournaments. The ads will feature an analysis of Mr. Watson’s performance in the Masters over the years. It will also feature some statistics such as Watson being 1.2 strokes better than the field every time there were 10 mph winds and 0.6 strokes better every time the humidity level increased by 10%.

IBM will also use a social command center during this year’s tournament to assist the officials to identify trends and insights that are subject to debate on social media. The aim is to show golf fans how the company’s technology can be used to analyze and present golf information throughout the performance. Apart from the partnership with Watson, IBM will also showcase some of its latest technology at the golf event. IBM has previously given swing advice to golfers through analysis carried out through its startup Spare5. The startup analyzed golf swings and gave relevant information during the tournament.

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