International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) Sees Superhero Vision Possible In 5 Years


After several years of putting together the best of bright minds in search of technological innovations, International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) has launched a series of five bold predictions. The technology being referred to as 5 in 5 is expected to help in revolutionizing the world’s imaging technology within the next five years.

Notably, technological advances over the past 100 years have created many ways of perceiving the world beyond human sight. However, there is some specialty in the upcoming tools; their ability to merge information from various discovery sources into one picture, through hyper imaging. IBM seems to be promising more than just what we know given that it will soon be delivering transportable multi-spectrum imaging devices.

The 5 in 5 technology can see through different levels of the electromagnetic spectrum

IBM says that today’s vision is largely restricted to the field of human perception. However, the new technology is open to various applications in everyday life.  A report by Alberto Valdes-Garcia, a research staff member at IBM Research notes, “Our ability to ‘see’ beyond visible light will reveal new insights that help us understand the world around us. This technology will be widely available throughout our daily lives, giving us the ability to perceive or see through objects and opaque environmental conditions anytime, anywhere.”

Its success will be shared by many fields. It could have practical use not only for the improvement of current X-ray technology but also in other security, medical and aviation areas.

Humans will be able to see beyond visible light in five years, IBM predicts

Garcia explains that their aim is to build a portable hyper-imaging platform for the benefit of ordinary people in their everyday experiences. That said, IBM predicts a possibility of humans being able to see beyond the visible light spectrum in five years. In the meantime, IBM’s stock was trading at $167.65 a fall of $ 1.88 or 1.11%.

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