IBM (NYSE:IBM) Collaborates With InspireOne Technologies and TEXTIENT

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) has announced its partnership with InspireOne Technology and TEXTIENT as they join the IBM Watson Ecosystem in India. The partnership is aimed at the creation of intelligent solutions in the region. This partnership is the first for IBM Watson Ecosystem with an Indian firm.

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IBM’s Watson is targeting the development of artificial intelligence-based computer systems. InspireOne Technologies will be using IBM Watson Cognitive APIs for its professional development app, which is aimed at empowering employees so that they can develop their leadership skills. TEXTIENT, on the other hand, is a marketing insight platform, which will tap Watson for the development of real-time brand perception reports.

Stephen Gold, vice president of Watson, stated that the creativity of Indian business toward the introduction of cognitive-infused apps to the market is fascinating, and the region is set to enjoy sizable growth. He also added that Watson Ecosystem, TEXTIENT and InspireOne Technologies are the best examples of how intelligent technology can be used to transform the world.

The announcement was made during the IBM Watson Indian Summit in Bangalore. The summit was focused on how cognitive systems are changing customers’ outcomes and businesses, and ways in which India is set to provide the next wave of technological innovation. Gartner said last November that India has the fastest growing IT market in the world. IT spending in India is expected to reach $71.0 billion in 2016 and is projected to continue growing to $85.28 billion by 2019.

This partnership follows an initiative carried out in December 2015 which launched the internet of things (IOT) global headquarters in Germany. IBM says it is the start of ecosystem partner programs in Japan, North Africa, the Middle East and Netherlands.

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