Health Canada Approves Allergan plc Ordinary Shares (NYSE:AGN) IBS Drug Viberzi


Adult patients with irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D) can now use Viberzi (eluxadoline). The drug from Allergan plc Ordinary Shares (NYSE:AGN) has been endorsed by Health Canada for use in soothing frequent and urgent episodes of diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and cramping.

Data has it that irritable bowel syndrome affects close to 2 million adults in Canada. However, despite the negative impact it has on their work and social lives, a majority of the sufferers do not seek medical attention and instead choose to survive on multiple prescriptions.

Viberzi was worth the approval

The approval of the oral treatment was occasioned by the results from two phase III clinical trials. After its evaluation for over 26 and 52 weeks, it was found to be significant in decreasing abdominal pain as well as improving stool consistency. The report has it those patients who used it throughout the trial period experienced relief.

The drug was also worth the approval given its performance in 2016 of $93.3 million in sales. It may have come at an opportune time when the market is struggling with dissatisfied patients and there is optimism that it will fill an important but unmet need for Canadians living with this condition.

Allergan’s commitment to improving the lives of Canadians

The chief executive officer, Gastrointestinal Society, Gail Attara outlines the overwhelming impact on the lives those living with IBS-D. However, Dr. Louis Liu, a gastroenterologist in Toronto, ON says, “The availability of VIBERZI™ for our patients – which has shown to improve diarrhea and abdominal pain by targeting receptors in the gut – can potentially be a promising new treatment agent .”

The company, which markets a portfolio of leading brands, has its primary focus on developing, manufacturing and commercializing devices and biologic products. The global pharmaceutical company serves close to 100 countries.

Meanwhile, Allergan’s stock was trading at $220.33 a fall of $4.22 or 1.88%.

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