Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Launches Standalone Events App For Android


The standalone Events app for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has finally been released for the Android operating system. Previously the app was only available for the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS operating system for mobile devices and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Android’s version looks eerily similar to iOS’s. The release of the app is expected to declutter the main Facebook site. The app is not available in all parts of the world yet but a global rollout will follow soon. Users can check on Google Play Store for availability.

First on iOS

The launch of the Events app on Android comes two months after the same was launched on iOS. As the name suggests the purpose of the app is to inform users about the latest events or activities that are occurring within their locality or among their friends.

“The core thesis behind this app is that if we build something for the people really eager to discover events, people will have a good time,” Aditya Koolwal, Facebook Events product manager, said back when the app was being launched for Apple’s iOS.

Interactive map

One of the distinctive features of the standalone app is that it has an interactive map which enables users to clearly see what is happening in different areas. A search function is also available for users who are going on a trip to a different place from their usual area of residence. The app also possesses a calendar which allows users to see when they are scheduled to attend an event and when they have nothing planned.

While the Events app initially looked poised to rise in popularity, its ranking on Apple’s app store has fallen from 250 to 500. This is despite the fact that promotion of events is one of the strengths of Facebook.

Facebook Events app is not the first standalone app. One of Facebook’s earliest standalone apps was Messenger which started enjoying the standalone status in 2011. Three years later, the messaging functionality was excised from Facebook and users had to download Messenger separately.

In Tuesday’s trading, Facebook edged up 2.16% to close at $120.31 a share.

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