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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin Invests In Indonesian Startup

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) co-founder Eduardo Saverin, has invested in Indonesian e-commerce startup Orami. This is not the first investments he has made in Southeast Asia. Startups look towards renowned business executives for funding their ventures. This particular investment involved $15 million in financing.

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Saverin said that the startup team was on top of its game. He said that Orami has a sharp focus on the intersection of content, women, and social commerce. He pointed out that there were over five million children born annually between Indonesia and Thailand. He said he believes that women are key to driving economic growth and the drivers of the future generation.

The startup company has employed nearly 500 employees. They are located in Thailand and Indonesia. However, about 75% of its customers are women. The e-commerce company has three million visits a month.

Other Investors

Aside from Saverin, there are other investors who have sunk capital into Orami as well. These include Indonesia’s Sinar Mas Group, which normally focuses on the technology sector, Gobi Partners Inc. of Shanghai, Ardent Capital LLC and Velos Partners. The company was established as a fresh brand with a specific focus on women and resulted from the integration of Bilna and Moxy.

Orami is now headed by CEO Jeremy Fichet. The startup firm indicated that it would also branch out to other nations in the Southeast Asian region. There was no information as to how much the startup was valued with the recent round of funding. As far as Saverin is concerned, it was just one more Asian investment in addition his recent moves in Hopscotch, a shopping site meant for Indian mothers; Silvercar, a car rental service; and Tech in Asia, an online news site.

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