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This is Why Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Is Betting Billions on Education

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife Chan Zuckerberg are planning to spend $45 billion all in the effort of personalizing the learning experience.

Personalizing Education

Giving each student the attention they need in areas they are good at, is Zuckerberg’s primary goal with the latest initiative. With classroom sizes ballooning it has become increasingly impossible for teachers to address each student’s needs thus leaving most of them disadvantaged.

Zuckerberg wants to change all this by exposing students to a learning environment where they feel they are working with a one-on-one tutor. Betting big on technologies that have the ability to offer adaptive education guidance has already taken course as part of the plan.

Personalized learning is the way to go according to the Facebook executive, if children are to enjoy learning and get the best out of it.

“There’s very clear data that when a student has a very personalized approach to their education, […] then the education results are just significantly better than when you’re in a classroom learning at the same pace as all the other students [..],”

Given that every student learns differently, the Facebook co-founder believes the way they are taught or what they learn should also be different. Providing this kind of education will not be an easy affair given that there are few technologies or teachers that can facilitate it.

Zuckerberg Bets Big

To solve the problem, Facebook is currently testing a number of technologies. Zuckerberg and Chan have also donated laptops, tablets, and internet laptops to the Redwood City School District, as part of a pilot program for the new form of learning.

The couple also runs Zuckerberg Education Ventures that has already made investments in startups with interest on personalized learning. Volley is one of these startups that have developed a technology that lets students hold a phone camera over an assignment or textbook content and have it scanned for tips and study guidelines.

Zuckerberg’s financial resources and Facebook technologies should more than help in the development of software that can assess individual student learning style. The billionaire co-founder and his wife Chan have also hired James E Shelton, who led education programs for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to spearhead the personalized learning initiative.

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