Cannabis Distributor humble+fume to Build 48North’s Extraction Facility in Ontario

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48North Cannabis (OTCMKTS:NCNNF) and cannabis accessories distributor humble+fume are teaming up to build a cannabis extraction facility and packaging line in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. The companies announced a formal partnership on April 11.

Extraction Partnership

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As part of the partnership agreement, humble+fume will build the cannabis extraction facility and packaging line within 48North’s fully-licensed cultivation and processing facility in Brantford.

The extraction facility will allow 48North to process over 30,000 kg of cannabis mass annually. The extraction equipment and packaging line will be a shared resource between humble+fume and 48North.

The build-out of the extraction facility and packaging line is expected to be completed in summer 2019 and will be paid by humble+fume.


Following the completion of the extraction facility, 48North’s Brantford plant will be fully-equipped to both manufacture and conduct C02 extraction, producing full-spectrum oil, distillates and isolates, all critical ingredients in the development of next-generation, value-added cannabis products. These products will be available for retail sale in October 2019.

The build-out of the extraction facility and packaging line at the Good House, guarantees 48North’s ability to extract and process its sun-grown organic cannabis for next-generation cannabis products,” Alison Gordon, the co-CEO of 48North, stated.

48North will be using the equipment to execute on its licensing agreements with Mother + Clone and Avitas in the manufacturing of their 100% natural additive free, single strain, ultra-refined and purified products.

Further, Gordon noted that, in addition to building and funding the extraction facility, humble+fume will also offer a “robust distribution network, R&D expertise, and a management team with significant experience” in designing and operating three large-scale extraction facilities both in the U.S. and in Canada.”

48North Outdoor Cultivation

Meanwhile, humble+fume has agreed to purchase 5,000 kg of dried cannabis and 1,000 kg of trim from 48North’s outdoor cultivation site called the Good Farm, pending Health Canada approval.

The approval will make 48North one of the first licensed producers in Canada to have an outdoor cannabis farm producing over 40,000 KG of dried cannabis from over 3.7 million sq. ft. of cultivation space. The company expects to plant and harvest cannabis outdoors at the Good Farm this year.

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