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California-Based HashCash Leverages Blockchain To Improve Gaming Arena

HashCash leverages blockchain; to incentivise the existing gaming platformsHashCash leverages blockchain; to incentivise the existing gaming platforms

The gaming industry depends on technology for production and distribution. Also, the same technology is responsible for most of lost revenue the industry encounters. However, blockchain technology promises to mitigate the challenge. Towards this end, HashCash is helping gaming companies integrate a blockchain network into existing gaming platform application programming interfaces.

HashCash leverages blockchain to incentivise gaming platforms

In a press release, HashCash revealed that each platform’s native token is used as a play chip across the concerned gaming platform, and the asset is then listed on various digital asset exchanges for trading globally. Subsequently, the resulting digital asset will be a utility token because of its purpose on the gaming platforms. This is unlike traditional tokens that rank as securities. However, there are some other tokens that are both utility tokens and securities at the same time.

This is just one instance of where HashCash leverages blockchain to tackle challenges. In September, the blockchain company announced a move that would change the way the food industry operates. According to a Sep. 17, 2018 press release, HashCash was aiming to create a blockchain platform to manage food supply.

“HashCash is aiming to create a common, transparent and secured blockchain based platform which can facilitate managing of complex supply chain activities of the food industry, making traceability of each step possible,” the release reads in part.

Facilitating overall integrity of food supply chain

According to Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director at HashCash, the plan is a joint effort with food suppliers. He says:

“HashCash is planning to work jointly with food suppliers to implement blockchain technology in the global food supply chain.”

Ultimately, the incorporation of blockchain would facilitate the keeping of high standards of food security. As per the new release, the technology would help track food items within the international food supply chain. Therefore, this would ensure overall transparency of the food supply chain hence guaranteed food quality.

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