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Baristas Coffee Expands Distribution Chain For EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee

Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. (OTCMKTS:BCCI) is facing a mountain of requests for the proprietary EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee. The CBD-based coffee became an instant hit especially after Baristas’ aggressive marketing drives. In particular, the firm aired EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee ads during Super Bowl LIII.

In an earlier statement, Baristas had indicated that it would advertise the new brand of coffee tailored for CBD users. Further, the firm had indicated that it would also advertise White Coffee which is compatible with the Keurig 2.0 brewing system. The company showcased a sneak peek of the ads on its website.

Baristas created a new wholesale division to handle product inquiries

Interestingly, the ads led to huge publicity which is fueling the record demand for Baristas’ products. The huge demand necessitated the creation of a wholesale division that will handle all the inquiries for EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee and Baristas White Coffee. Already, the firm is shipping out supplies to firms that made orders while still signing new orders.

According to Barry Henthorn CEO of Baristas, there is unmet demand for the products. In particular, they feel validated by the demand that is as a result of targeted campaigns via various platforms. The CEO said, “The response that we have received from very reputable companies wanting to carry our products and the direct sales done on our website validates that there is a demand for the products.”

Baristas’ ads to air at this year’s Grammys

As per the firm, they are not going to stop at the Super Bowl in terms of advertising. The firm will advertise the products at other upcoming high profile events including the Grammys and 61 NASCAR.

Baristas received the approval to advertise at the event after another company was turned down. According to reports, CBS rejected Acreage Holdings’ request to air an ad that makes the case for medical marijuana. CBS airs both the Super Bowl and the Grammys. As per Baristas, this is evidence of the confidence that the market has in its products.

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