Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS Sales Market Share Declines In China To Android


The situation of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS sales share in China is wanting. Unlike many of its products, the tech giant’s iOS is not doing so well given the 8.4% decline of the shares YoY. This was the for the three-month period ended January. The iOS was overtaken by Android, which experienced massive market share growth in China with a 9.3% YoY.

But the overall world market is changing

The difference in the figures for Android and the iOS sales share are not a surprise according to Kantar Worldpanel, which was carrying out the share comparisons. The emergence of Smartphone brands may have played a key role in the new development, a situation that is giving the market a new outlook.

Apparently, nothing much is changing in the U.S given the domination of three major mobile phone brands, which brings together four-fifths of total sales.

“Seventy percent of the US domestic market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, and the third largest manufacturer, LG, accounted for an additional 11.1% of sales in the three months ending January 2017. “ Writes Kantar.

Nokia had a good shot at success in various regions

The return of the Nokia Corp (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) brand has been well received. In any case, the brand has remained historically recognized throughout its history. Nokia’s phones and particularly the Nokia 3 and 5 are also expected to have a warm embrace in the Western Europe. It accounted for 6% of Smartphone sales across the EU5.This makes it worth the competition in the mid-market range.

Apparently, the iPhone 7 is not doing as bad as its counterparts given that it still holds onto being the highest grosser in the market. Kantar also points out at Huawei and Xiaomi as another set of Smartphone brands that are dominating the urban China landscape. They would be competing with Oppo and Vivo who are also clocking continuous growth.

Clearly, the market remains very stiff with the likes of Huawei taking charge of the Asian quarters. In the meantime, Apple’s stock closed at $140.69 witnessing an increase of $0.23 or 0.16%.

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