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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) To Venture Into Healthcare Apps Through CareKit

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has revealed a new healthcare app developer tool known as CareKit.

The software and tech company revealed the platform on Monday during the “Loop You In” event. The company believes that the platform will allow for the creation of healthcare apps that will allow users and their doctors to manage their health better.

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CareKit was developed from the company’s ResearchKit program which was a huge success for Apple. COO Jeff Williams described CareKit as a platform for developing apps that makes it easier for people to analyze their data to get a better understanding of their health. The development platform will be launched in April, and it will include three basic modules including Care Cards. The latter will operate as an interactive reminder that will harness the power of iPhones or Apple Watches to remind people to carry out various tasks such as taking their medications or therapy exercises.

It will also include a symptoms tracker that will allow users to monitor their recovery as well as how they feel. In a scenario where the patient has an injury, they can record the healing process by taking photos of the wound. Patients can also use the Insight Dashboard Module by comparing their symptoms against the Care Cards. This strategy measures the efficiency of treatment while the Connect module lets users share this data with their physicians.

Apple claims that the first app generated through CareKit will be tailor made for patients who have Parkinson’s disease. The company also claims that the platform has a wide variety of potential uses including physical therapy, monitoring progress after surgery, mental health and diabetes management among others.

Apple also stated that it has partnered with numerous app developers and medical centers so that they can start incorporating CareKit into their treatments. The Texas Medical Center is one of the medical providers on board the program with the use of the system to help patients manage their recovery after surgery.

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