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Amphion Innovations Plc (LON:AMP) had its corporate rating reiterated by Northland Capital Partners

Analyst Ratings For Amphion Innovations Plc (LON:AMP)

Today, Northland Capital Partners reiterated its corporate rating on Amphion Innovations Plc (LON:AMP).

There are 0 Strong Buy Ratings, no Sell Ratings, no Hold Ratings, no Buy Ratings on the stock.

The current consensus rating on Amphion Innovations Plc (LON:AMP) is N/A with a consensus target price of N/A per share, a potential .

Some recent analyst ratings include

About Amphion Innovations Plc (LON:AMP)
Amphion Innovations Plc is a venture capital firm specializing in both public and private early stage investments and spun out of universities and corporations. It does not invest in ?speculative? technologies requiring long development timeframes or excessive capital investment. It invests in the medical, life sciences, and technology sectors with defensible core intellectual property, know-how and growth potential in very large markets of at least $1 billion in size together with corporations, governments, universities, and entrepreneurs. The firm typically invests in companies with broad-based, proprietary, platform technologies in the areas of pharmacogenomics, proteomics, nutriceuticals or wellness, diagnostics, medical products and related fields, leveraging advances in and the convergence of materials science and life science IT, particularly software technologies. It targets investments in companies based in both the United States and United Kingdom. The firm makes investments in a company that requires capital of up to $5 million as new capital in the first one to two years, with later, additional capital requirements of between $15 million and $25 million and is at least $1 billion in size. It acts as a lead investor and seeks to acquire a sizable ownership stake and measure of influence or control in its portfolio companies. The firm makes investments in the form of preferred stock or convertible debt or leverages through the ownership of stock warrants and stock options. It may reduce its shareholdings by between 10 percent and 20 percent through the introduction of additional investors in further rounds, sale or distribution of shares following a flotation, or trade sale of the entire company. The firm may also continue to invest at the initial public offering and beyond. Amphion Innovations Plc was founded in 1984 and is based in New York, New York with additional offices in Douglas, Isle of Man and London, United Kingdom.

Recent Trading Activity for Amphion Innovations Plc (LON:AMP)
Shares of Amphion Innovations Plc closed the previous trading session at 0.72 −0.075 9.37% with 142.8 shares trading hands.

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