Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) And Samsung Electronics Announced Their Alliance In The HDR10 Plus Technology

54 Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Samsung Electronics have announced that they are forming an alliance to develop HDR10 Plus Videos.

The details of the agreement

Samsung is expected to provide a range of streaming services that are based upon the HDR10 Plus on the Amazon Prime Video app. The tech giant stated that the new standard comes in to supplement HDR10 shortcomings in which some movie pats appear darker that the creator of the content anticipated. HDR10 Plus has contrast ratio and the colors for each of the frames. It therefore enables the content creators to bring out their intent better. Samsung will serve Amazon Prime Video on all the TV line up during this year where HDR10 Plus is enabled.

The new HDR10 Plus functionality

High dynamic range (HDR) increases the varieties of contrast and the color, hence, the bright areas become brighter and makes the dark areas to become darker due to improved color accuracy. HDR10 Plus is a next generation standard of technology from Samsung.

HDR10 Plus incorporates dynamic metadata instead of the static meta data that are used in the old version of HDR10. Static meta data allows the same brightness throughout the movie or TV show. This sees to it that some scenes that were intended to be bright, appear darker because of other darker scenes that lower the overall brightness level.

Third parties and partners

The company allowed third parties to adopt the technology in March. Amazon Video is the first content partner to incorporate HDR10 Plus and it will arrive later in the year.

The alliance between Amazon and Samsung in the use of HDR10 began in the year 2015 through providing TVs and Contents which had adopted the standards. Samsung has continually integrated more internet and social contents on its premium TV line ups which include the new QLED TVs.

Samsung Electronics vice president of Visual Display Division, Kyoungwon Lim stated, “As an advanced HDR10 technology, HDR10+ offers an unparalleled HDR viewing experience – vivid picture, better contrast and accurate colors – that brings HDR video to life.” He adds that the company is excited about the idea of working alongside world-class industry partners such as Amazon Video.

The stock of Amazon closed at $899.20 on Wednesday after a fall $4,58 or 0.51%.

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