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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Maps Update Features Multiple Stop Points

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has been working on updates for Google Maps, and the beta for Version 9.31 revealed the ability to include multiple stop points.

The new multiple waypoint features allow users to add multiple stop-off points along their destinations. This means users can now set numerous stops along the route they are using. This might seem like a basic feature but using it in the actual sense reveals how significant it is especially for those who rely a lot on Google maps. The changes were not so smooth in the beta version of the update, but the company has been working on improving it and tweaking a few other features so that the end user will get a fully functional application.

Sources have revealed that the entire Google Maps interface should appear more defined and a bit clearer. The changes should be evident in Android devices. Part of the reason why people are excited about the update is that the navigation quality has been improved. The company has also pulled all the stops to make the feature as simple as possible to avoid confusing the user. Google has recently been trying to make sure that Google Maps is less clustered.

Google is yet to reveal the actual launch date for the updated Google Maps. At the moment it looks like users will have to update the app manually once the new version is available. This will prevent unnecessary delays since automatic updates may take more time depending on updates for specific handsets. It is also not clear how many stops a user can include in the updated Google Maps. Users who wish to check whether the update has already been implemented in their handsets can launch the app to check whether it’s available. If not, they can check for updates on the Play Store where if present, can be installed manually.

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